Welcome to my web site.

This is a page for international web surfers who have just come across this site and wonder what it is about.

I am an Italian high school teacher of English as a foreign language and my students are 14/19 years old. I have set up this site to make my teaching more dynamic and my students more interested in learning English. Most sections are exclusively for my students and their parents and are password protected.

Having said that, any web surfer is welcome. If they are interested in English as a foreign/second language, they can take advantage of two sections at the moment: Web and Learn English.

In the Web section there is a list of links to what I consider the best sites of English as a foreign language. Here you can find references to websites that provide useful materials and exercises for learning and improving your English. Descriptions are in English apart from those aimed at native Italian speakers.

The Learn English section offers some interactive exercises on English grammar points that are generally difficult for foreign learners to master. To take advantage of these exercises you need to activate javascript on your computer.

In this section there are also videos from web sites, such as YouTube, that I think might be helpful to any foreign learner of English who is eager to master the language.

Well, I am really glad that you have dropped in but before you leave, I advise you to go through these two pages and see if there is anything of interest to you.

Happy surfing!

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