Subject & Object Personal Pronouns

Level: Pre-intermediate

Fill in the blanks with the correct personal pronouns. If you don't know what to write, click the CLUE button for help.
  1. "Do you know that woman?"
    "Yes, happened to work with when I was at the London office."
  2. This letter has just arrived. is for , Mr Richardson.
  3. "Is Jennifer's husband well?"
    "We don't know. haven't heard from recently."
  4. Jack often phones Jill but never phones .
  5. My sister doesn't like Maths. hates .
  6. We want that camera. Please give to .
  7. Those aren't my exercise books. Where have you put ?
  8. I want those CDs. Please give to .
  9. We are going to the park. can come with if you like.
  10. What disgusting apples! Now I know why didn't eat .

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