Present Perfect Simple & Continuous 1

Level: Pre-intermediate

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the Present Perfect tense. If you don't know what to write, click the CLUE button for help.
  1. "How many thrillers (you read) this year?"
    "Eight so far."
  2. "(you ever) on a farm?"
    "Yes. Last summer in the south of England."
  3. I (not see) Rachael for two years. I wonder where she is now.
  4. Hurry up! The film (already start) .
  5. My husband (sleep) since we left London airport this morning.
  6. "Can I speak to your mum, Bob?"
    "I'm afraid she's not in. She (just go) to the supermarket."
  7. In the paper they say that there (be) a great number of accidents at the crossroads nearby lately.
  8. We (stay) at this seaside resort for three weeks. We're leaving tomorrow.
  9. I'm so hot. I need some water because I (run) for over half an hour.
  10. I (answer) 50 emails so far and I still have another 20 to go through.

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