Future Tenses 3

Level: Pre-intermediate

Fill in the blanks with the correct Will or Shall form. If you don't know what to write, click the CLUE button for help.
  1. Your shopping bag looks heavy, Mrs Jackson. Let me help you. I (carry) it for you.
  2. "I lent you my bike last week because yours was broken. Now I need it myself. Can I have it back?"
    "Of course, I (give) it back to you tomorrow."
  3. It's a bit cold in here. (you shut) the window, please?
  4. (we have) dinner at the Chinese restaurant round the corner tonight?
  5. "What would you like for breakfast this morning?
    "I (have) some cereals with fruit and a cup of coffee."
  6. "Do you think Tom will pass his driving test?"
    "Sure he (pass) it."
  7. I wonder if Jane (be) home this evening. I have to speak to her about the noise she made last night.
  8. (I translate) this letter for you?
  9. "We haven't got any wine for tonight's dinner."
    "Ok. I (go) to the off-licence on the corner and buy some."
  10. Why don't you try on this shirt? I think it (match) the trousers you're wearing.

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